The Course Structure

Each week's content is divided into two modules: main training and practice session.

The Main Training introduces the key concepts and explains all the processes and tools. It is recommended to practice the tools introduced in the main training for at least a few days before moving to the practice session.

The Practice Session offers many guided processes to give you more practical experience. It will help you deal with most common challenges people experience. Even though the main purpose of the practice sessions is to give you more experience with the tools, new content is often also introduced during these practice sessions.

The course has been recorded during a live group training and many questions, comments and issues addressed by the participants will offer you an amazing opportunity to deepen your own understanding and improve your own practice.

When you watch guided releases or coaching demos, please treat them as if they are guiding you personally. This way you will experience another layer of transformation in your personal journey.

Both Main Training and Practice Session modules consist of multiple segments most of which contain videos. The duration of each module is around 2 to 3 hours and each individual video is 10 to 30 minutes long.

As you start your course now, you will only have access to the first week's content: your main training and the practice session.

As you go through the journey, your access to the next weeks' trainings will be activated weekly.

Please note that your PROGRESS will be shown as a percentage of completion of the entire course, which consists of 8 weeks. For example, after you complete both modules of week one, you will have completed about 14% of the entire course.

Always remember to click (or tap) Compete and Continue button to move to the next segment of the course.

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