Welcome To Hypnopower

Welcome to Hypnopower!

You are about to start a journey - a truly transformational and exciting journey - to master the power of your own mind. The system you are about to learn and master is for you to create your own reality.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, because you have decided to learn this system, I will dare to assume that somehow you are open to believing that everything in your external reality has to do with what is happening in your mind.

Whether this belief is based on spiritual teachings, like the law of attraction or hardcore science, quantum mechanics or clinical psychology - whatever it is rooted in - you have now made a choice to put it into practice and turn this belief into an experiential truth.

The following video is an introduction to the course which will give you a short overview of its history and structure. Please note that there is more information under the video below, which will be the case for most of the videos in the course. Please make sure that after watching the videos you always scroll down to read everything under the video before you proceed to the next segment.

As you have just learned from the video, the course has 4 modules.

Here is the summary of the modules:

Module 1:

A recording of a live workshop that took place in Miami in 2016. This is the main theoretical part of the course. It also has group exercises, which we recommend you do as if you were part of the group. This will give you the initial experience of the entire process.

Module 2:

Detalization of the pre-hypnosis process:

  • creating a goal for the self-hypnosis session,
  • uncovering and transforming possible negative emotions related to your ability to reach your goal,
  • letting go of the limiting beliefs negatively impacting your ability to get what you desire.

Module 3:

Detalization of the actual self-hypnosis process:

  • hypnotic inductions,
  • deepening methods,
  • self-suggestion delivery,
  • advanced visualization techniques
  • and more.

Both Module 2 and 3 contain many exercises with an emphasis on subtleties of the process.

Module 4:

This part of the program will allow you to reach a deeper level of transformation of possible internal blocks and objections, which are often underneath a self-sabotaging behavior. It is based on a process called Core Transformation and what's known as NLP or Neuro linguistic programming.

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